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Planning your wedding over a holiday weekend

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

There are a lot of opinions regarding having a wedding over a holiday, some people love it and others think it’s downright rude.

A lot of couples like to plan their weddings over holidays with an extended weekend or major holiday like Memorial Day, July 4h, Labor Day, Columbus Day or New Year’s Eve. This allows them to have a “wedding weekend” with family and friends, including lots of fun activities.

All of these are very hot dates for weddings, as a planner, I know these dates book very quickly.

There are however some things to consider for you and your guests when having your wedding over a holiday.

Some vendors have higher rates over holidays, especially Saturday’s. If your budget doesn’t allow for this, you may want to look at a Friday or Sunday wedding date.

Inflated hotel, house rentals, and airfare; since travel is at peak during most holidays, airfare and hotel rates increase, give your guests plenty of time to book travel and get time off.

If you are planning activities for your guests, make it clear that they don’t have to attend everything and give them other suggestions for things to do in the area. Some people won’t want to spend all weekend with you, they may want to get out on their own.

There are often community events during such weekends. Be sure to research the area where your wedding is for events such as parades, festivals, fireworks, they may compete with your ceremony time, and traffic patterns to your venue.

A wedding weekend that is not welcoming children may deter some guests since those weekends are considered family weekends or you may get more RSVP’s than expected since the guests can roll your wedding weekend into a mini-vacation.

New Year’s Eve wedding is great, but if you go there, go BIG, it is, after all, NEW YEAR’S EVE! It could be an epic party, with New Year’s Eve inspired décor, special cocktails, and attire.

When planning a New Year’s Eve wedding I recommend a later start time so you can ring in the new year during your reception.

Don’t forget fireworks, check with your venue to ensure this an option.









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