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Plan B can sometimes become Plan A…The Rain Plan

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Of course, you don’t want to think about it…no one does, your wedding day is going to be perfect and that takes planning for everything, including rain.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to have a rain plan for your wedding day.

If your wedding, cocktail reception or dinner is outside you NEED a rain plan.

You can’t be naïve thinking, “it won’t rain on my wedding day”.

Many planners, including myself, have witnessed or heard of couples that didn’t have a rain plan, the show must go on…just not the way they planned.

Not having a rain plan not only affects the couple but also all your guests and vendors.

Most venues that offer an outdoor open-air site will no doubt have a rain plan, working with your wedding planner and vendors to ensure you have a proper rain plan will make even the dreariest days the most joyous.

Since you can’t control the weather don’t let it control you, don’t stress about it just have a good plan.

If the venue you choose has an indoor option for your wedding day envision yourself in the space and how it will work for ceremony, cocktail, and reception.

Will space fit your guest count? Is there a place for your caterer to work from? What are you allowed to do in the space as far as décor?

So, your wedding is completely open-air, that’s okay we got you covered…yes, that was a pun.

Work with your planner to secure a tent through a rental company, most planners will recommend instituting the rain plan a couple days out if the percentage of rain is high, 50% or more and how long the install of the tent(s) will take.

Lucky these days there are many tent options, one will suit your vision and your budget.

Sailcloth (one of my favorites)

Pole Tent


Clear Tent

Carnival Tent

Marquee Tent

Most rental companies can also provide umbrellas for you and your guests, and a good planner will have a white sheet in her emergency bag of tricks for you to stand on so your dress doesn’t get soiled during photos if you are able to get outside.

Photographers love cloudy days, the light makes for the best pictures, but if you can’t get outside make sure you and your photographer also have a rain plan. These can be anywhere…beautiful porches, covered stairways, a library, a museum, a cool loft space, even your favorite eatery, there really are no limits here.

Knowing that you have a rain plan; one that you agree with and love the look of makes for a joyful day no matter what mother nature shows up with.














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