• Tonya Pellegrini

Saratoga Springs-based event planner specializes in setting multiple stages

Tonya Pellegrini draws on theater background as she plans weddings, annual Victorian Streetwalk year for more than 30 years, hundreds of people convene in Downtown Saratoga Springs during the holiday season for the annual Victorian Streetwalk. 

For Spa City resident Tonya Pellegrini, her favorite part of the event isn’t Santa’s arrival. It’s walking along Broadway before the people arrive.

“It’s like the calm before the curtain opens on opening night,” she said. “You’re hoping somebody comes and then all of a sudden the streets are filled with people and you say, ‘thank God.’” 

Pellegrini has overseen the Victorian Streetwalk for the past three years while serving as the Director of Promotions and Events for the Saratoga Springs Downtown Business Association.> read full article





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