• Tonya Pellegrini-Lawrence

Wedding Crasher - Covid-19

Due to the Coronavirus couples are forced to think of alternate options for their weddings; postponements, rescheduling, and, elopements are being talked about with many couples.

This is a very daunting task and can be very emotional. The main thing is to be calm and well informed.

If your wedding is within the next 8 weeks, we suggest that you reschedule. With the restrictions on mass gatherings, guests will not be able to attend, most people are not traveling nor should they be.

If your wedding is in June or beyond don’t postpone. However, it’s wise to know what your options are so if the current restrictions are extended you are prepared. Let your guests know by adding a blurb acknowledging the Coronavirus on your wedding website.

If you don’t have a planner to help you dismantle and rebuild your wedding, you may want to consider having one.

There are many vendors to align to bring a wedding together; Venue, Photography, Video, Floral, Décor, Entertainment, Caterer, Transportation, Officiant, Baker, Stationer, Hotels, and the rehearsal/brunch vendors as well.

The first step to take if you must postpone and reschedule is reaching out to your venue.

Venues are working with couples to secure alternate dates so, their wedding can take place at the location they originally chose.

Couples who would like to keep their wedding in 2020 may have to consider non-traditional days, like Thursday or Sunday or look at other venue locations. If you chose a different time of year this may also change your design elements such as floral, linens, and décor.

Beyond the venue, here at Pellegrini Events we are helping clients reach out to all their vendors to see if the alternate dates agree with them.

We suggest sending out a notice to your guest that you are rescheduling and will announce the new date on your website once secured.

We also advise couples who are planning their honeymoon to have CFAR travel insurance. We suggest this all the time, not just now with the current crisis. This is money well spent and will give you peace of mind.

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